My model of coaching services begins with an Intake Interview. This goal is to collaboratively identify your coaching topic in words that deeply matter to you. We will refine the topic in language that rings true for you. This topic might be in early formative stages or you might have already put in some effort but were unable to sustain it.


After out intake meeting I will prepare an Offer that specifies your coaching topic, three Developmental Objectives, ad the associated Competency to achieve the Developmental Objectives. These are directly related to your coaching topic. During this second meeting we will refine the topic as needed and collaborate so the your Coaching Program is the best fit for you. At the end of this meeting I will suggest a series of exercises that assist you to see what you are currently doing that may hinder progress. The Coaching Program will outline the anticipated number of meetings that will occur every 2-3 week.

Subsequent Meetings

These meetings will focus on what you observed and learn about yourself during the previous 2-3 weeks as you completed the exercises. The exercises are designed to assist you in seeing your behavior which can sometimes be unconscious. We will use our meeting time to understand how your current way of being (CWOB) may interfere in movement in you topic and outcome. The meetings are positively focused so you can develop new competencies to achieve your topic or outcome. There are additional exercises (homework) assigned each meeting to develop a new way of being (NWOB).


There is time when you will have made progress on your Developmental Objectives and incorporated new competencies in your life and your topic. At an agreed upon time, the Coaching Program is progressing and we conclude out planned meetings. There can be subsequent meetings as needed.