When Coaching is right for you

Are you at a crossroads or transition in your life? Do you long for something that deeply matters to you? Do you strive to be very clear about your life purpose? Maybe you have taken steps, yet don’t sustain forward movement toward your goal. Possibly you are ready to take steps and have doubts. My coaching method brings what matters to you into focus to identify objectives and competencies necessary to manifest what is next in your life. A typical coaching program consists of one-hour meetings every 2-3 weeks for approximately 10 sessions.

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My Passion

As a professionally trained coach I work with you on a topic that inspires you and that deeply matters to you. I have genuine empathy for people and believe that we have the potential to live a purposeful life of meaning and value. What interferes in living a fulfilling life? It can be our behavior, our way of seeing the world, and/or our beliefs. My coaching approach supports you as you step back and look more objectively. I connect with you intuitively during your journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This approach enables you to live your life that is consistent with your values and goals.


Kelley Macmillan provided my first introduction to individual coaching through Integral Coaching Canada, and it was a significant experience for me occurring at a phase in my career and life (retirement age) where there are numerous issues to consider thoughtfully. He was encouraging of my ability to move into areas that deeply matter to me, and he provided many tools to be able to do this work in between sessions. Kelley is a wonderful listener and teacher and a perfect guide for this process. Now months since we completed the sessions, I am still using the self-observations from our work to continue my journey.  Deborah Gioia, therapist, social worker, professor

As a full-time songwriter, juggling daily tasks and prioritizing my creative energy often left me feeling burnt out and uninspired. Through Kelley’s tailored approach and intentional guidance, I learned to trust my creative decision making, voice my creative needs, and prioritize projects in a way that left me feeling energized. I highly recommend Kelley’s work to anyone who is ready to take a deeper look at themselves. Ryan Keaton

My Training and Background

I have a Masters degree in Social Work, and a Ph.D. in Social Welfare with a specialization in Gerontology. I have worked with people in a variety of professional settings throughout my social work career. Deep listening is the most valuable skill in my quiver. My professional coaching practice includes listening intently to understand what is important to you. Then I use focused approaches to help you achieve your goals and outcomes.

I completed an intensive training program in the Integral Coaching Model TM to become a professional coach. I chose the Integral Coaching Model TM because the concepts and methods are consitent with my social work training, experience, and my personal perspectives of human nature.

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